A Reasonable Faith

Why this page? Why call it “A Reasonable Faith?” Because the Christian faith is eminently reasonable; because reason is a creation of God given to man for his use in determining right from wrong, not to mention the hundreds of other decisions that people have to make every day. People often speak of the conflict between faith and reason. The simple fact is that there is no conflict. God is supremely reasonable. If at times it appears that He is not, it is solely due to our ignorance or lack of understanding.

Having said all the above, it is not possible to “reason” one’s way to belief in Christ and salvation. If it were, there would be no need for faith, and the Bible clearly states that faith is an important element of God’s plan for His people. So faith is essential, but it still does not contradict reason.

The idea that faith and reason stand in opposition to one another is one of the world’s most common and destructive lies. Far too many Christians believe that lie and go out into the world thinking that they must surrender the minds and reason that God gave them in order to have faith in Him. This false belief is especially dangerous for young Christians leaving home for the first time and heading off to college where secular knowledge is worshiped as a god and rejection of faith is preached as gospel.

The purpose of this web page, the blog attached to it and the books available on it are to answer many of the questions and challenges raised against Christianity, both by Christians and their opponents, showing how the divine revelation given to us in the Bible concurs with the reason given to us by God.

With that brief introduction, I invite my brothers and sisters in Christ, those who oppose us and those who are still seeking to explore the site.

Come now, and let us reason together, says the LORD – Isaiah 1:18



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